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The wedding of Ray and Shannon in Santorini island

Ray and Shannon decided to have their wedding in one of the most famous of the Greek islands,Santorini.They traveled all the way from America to have their wedding in this beautiful island. A destination wedding in Santorini could be a remarkable experience! Take a look at this wedding video teaser that gives a beautiful glimpse of what a sweet and romantic wedding in Santorini is really like.

The wedding of Vincent and Loredana in Santorini island

Vincent and Loredana held their wedding at the amazing island of Santorini.We absolutely fell in love with the smile,the passion and the craziness of this couple.The place,the people and the atmosphere was just overwhelming.

Kapetanakis Studios Film
Kapetanakis Studios Film

The wedding of Kia and Strahinja in Santorini island

Kia and Stahinja brought a small group of their closest friends and family out to the remote, breathtaking island of Santorini to witness them exchange vows and become husband and wife.

The wedding of Billy and Monica in Santorini Island

If we would like to describe this couple with one sentence,this one totally fits: “I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.”
These 2 people showed us,that love is a really strong feeling that sometimes we cant describe it with words!
Coming from the beautiful city of New York,this couple decided to get married at the beautiful island of Santorini.The emotions,the place and the light was just amazing!

Kapetanakis Studios Film
Kapetanakis Studios Film

The Wedding of Michael & Petra in Santorini island

Michael and Petra were married for second time at the magical island of Santorini.They traveled from the beautiful city of Amsterdam to Greece,to show us and their closest friends and family,that love is endless!


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